War! Ghost War!


The long awaited PvP DLC for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands has just dropped on all platforms. Under the name of Ghost War the DLC is available free of charge to all players who own at least the standard edition of the main game.

In Ghost War, 2 groups of 4 players will face off in a team deathmatch that is focused on squad tactics and strategic gameplay. This time, skill alone will not cut it, players will rely heavily on each other and tactics will win battles.

Team members will be able to select from 12 classes which are divided in 3 main categories: Support, Marksman and Assault.


Each class will play differently and have a different loadout. While Assault class will focus on close combat and a lot of firepower, Marksman class will focus on providing overwatch and engaging from a distance. The Support class will use hi-tech gadgets and modified drones to influence the battles.

The skirmishes between ghosts will take place on large open maps allowing for different tactics and play styles especially if ghosts want to use their environment to their advantage. Weather and terrain will have major effects on the gameplay.


All in all, Wildlands is an amazing game, we’ve been waiting for PvP since the main game came out, we will keep you guys posted.

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