Bluehole dropping the ball with Pubg

Despite releasing a statement a few weeks ago in which they apologize to the players for the overall quality of performance in Pubg, Bluehole seems to have forgotten all about it and instead of focusing on optimizing the game so that it does not require a 2000 euros gaming rig to run properly, they are still focused on bringing us vaulting and climbing, features that are now live on test servers. While this will definitely bring changes to tactics and play-styles, it seems like the developers are applying frosting on a cake that was taken out of the oven too early.

Vaulting in PubgWhen it comes to what they’re doing about bug fixes, optimization, Bluehole are using vague general terms, refusing to go into detail, clearly trying to push for the end of the year release…

Another thing they’re doing is working on increasing the DoT (Damage over Time) of the Blue zone. Highly skilled players such as high level streamers like Shroud, Lirik, Dr DisRespect spend a lot of time in the mid to late phase of the game operating in the Blue zone which is not to be taken lightly. However, it takes a great deal of skill and balls to play in the Blue Zone as you can only afford to do that if your looting is efficient and you are well stocked on Bandages, Med Kits, Energy drinks and Painkillers. Now the thing about these items is that they spawn a lot in the high loot areas which are obviously the most contested, not a lot of players make it out of areas such as Military Base or School.

The fact that Bluehole is now making it almost impossible to play in the Blue Zone tells this writer that they are selling out and dumbing down the game so that they can retain their player base. So far, Pubg stood out because of the freedom one had as a player. One tactic a player could use was looting a highly contested area and then stalk the Blue Zone and snipe players running away from it. Making the Blue Zone straight up lethal will just bunch people together and get it very close to what Pubg didn’t want to be: just another shooter.


Servers are still crap, game requires a space ship to run well, hackers are still around and instead of fixing these things, Bluehole is adding “vaulting and climbing” and making the Blue Zone lethal.

A few days ago, DrDisRespect, the champion of TwitchCon 2017 was playing Fortnite:BattleRoyale, I’ll take that as a sign.

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