Destiny 2 PC players banned for using Discord



Bungie’s tale of mankind’s fight for survival finally came to PC when Destiny 2 went live for the master race. While the launch itself went well, players have started to report getting banned for having basic software installed on their PCs.

So far people have been banned for having Discord and Mumble installed but also OBS (streaming app). People have also reported bans triggered by MSI’s Afterburner app.

“I purchased a gaming laptop for this game. Factory reset, the only things I installed are Windows Updates and and Destiny 2. Banned about 5 minutes after I started my first character. There is nothing running on this PC but Windows and the game. Nothing in my email explaining why the account was banned, no recourse other than the forums where they are just giving people a canned response, no explanation and no recourse? So glad I purchased this PC and spent $60 on a game I can’t play.”

banned Player

While it is admirable that Bungie aims to keep their game free of cheaters, having anti-cheat software that maybe is way too strict and f@#ks up to such an extent is extremely unfortunate. We know that Bungie cares about the players, however we’re hoping that the rumors currently circulating on Reddit saying that the bans are and will stay permanent are not true.


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