Fortnite: Battle Royale guide for beginners

Battle Royale is the new mod based on Epic’s co-op PVE game Fortnite. Since it’s release Fortnite:Battle Royale has been climbing all charts at a steady pace threatening to overtake main rivals Pubg and H1Z1. Streamers have taken to it especially on Twitch and the game literally exploded on the streaming platform.

If you’ve played games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , you should have absolutely no problems in crossing over to the colorful animated island. The only things you need to pick up is the gathering of resources  which are then used to build defensive emplacements and collecting and placing traps.

Here at Empire of Nerds we’ve decided to gather as much information on the game as possible to give our readers the best chance at a victory whether they are a veteran or a new player.

General overview

Here are some facts and pieces of information for people who are just now learning about Fortnite: Battle Royale:

Battle Royale is a  mode based  on Fortnite, a co-op PVE game from Epic.

Battle Royale is  a standalone, free to play game. Purchase of Fortnite (the original game) is not required.

100 players parachute out of a “battle bus” (I know, right?) and once on the ground they need to gather weapons and eliminated enough enemies to make sure they will be the last one standing


Matches can be played Solo, Duo or as a squad (4 players working as a team)

Players start the game with noithing and have to search for items in the game world . These items can also be looted from the bodies of dead players (savage as fuck).

The game has a crafting element which permits players to use resources they have gathered to build anything from ladders and bridges to huge forts to protect themselves.

In order to force players into skirmishes and to keep others from hiding out all game, Epic has added The Storm Eye, a mechanic that constantly shrinks the playable area.

Basic tips for beginners

When at the very beginning of a game, after dropping in, always try to grab as much loot as you can. You want lots of choices when it comes to weapons and a crap-load of building resources.

When it comes to weapons your priorities should always be Shotguns and Sniper Rifles. It is a must that you have a bolt action scoped rifle before the end of the game as it will give you a clear edge for the final battles.


This should be the order of items you should go for in order of importance.





There are of course other items that might help you win the game, we can talk here about RPGs and Grenade Launchers (which in the late stage of the game are used to destroy enemy buildings)  but those fall in the “luxury” category and it is perfectly possible to win a game without them.

Movement and environment

If you come from another Battle Royale game such as Pubg it’s time for you to get accustomed to the idea that you can build as you run and that you can build stairs and ladders to quickly climb hills and cliffs. That is a skill you need to pick up as soon as possible.

When it comes to building, you can place walls almost everywhere. Those can help buy you some time to apply bandages, look for an escape route or give you and edge in a fire exchange.

Keep in mind that whenever you need to push  into a building  you are at a disadvantage. The player already inside will be in hiding and will HEAR where you are coming from. You should always wait for them to come out of hiding and ambush them. The best thing about a well executed ambush is that you get everything they looted from the house.

Also, if the moment and location are right you can also use the Storm Eye to your advantage and wait for enemy players to be flushed out by it.

Map strategy


When it comes to map strategies there are to main ones that stand out:

A player could choose to go for the “Manhunter” option which basically means sticking to the edge of the map, waiting for players who are running towards the next safe area and try to pick them off. This option takes a lot of skill but it works.

The other option, recommended to new players, is rushing the center of play area every time, trying to stay ahead of enemy players. Once in the center, plan out and occupy vantage points  and wait for other players to run into your gun sights.

Choosing to always rush the circle ensures that you never enter the circle from a bad angle, lowering the chances of getting sniped by some guy who is comfortably hiding on top of the highest cliff in the circle.


When it comes to positioning, always think “high ground”

You get a good vantage point, enemies will find it difficult to shoot you and if you’re getting your ass kicked you can always sneak out around the back and live to fight another minute.

Building is a vital  part of this strategy as it can help you scale cliffs that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to climb, or it could help you reinforce your  position and make it easy to defend.

Sound is also very important in Fortnite: Battle Royale. You can hear enemy players coming, you can hear audio cues that let you know a loot chest is in the vicinity . If you hear a player close to you, crouch and the sound of your footsteps will be muffled.



Always maintain a high stock of resources just in case you need to build that emergency wall. You should never be out in the open without a backpack full of resources that could help you build a small fort. Try to get as close to 300 of each resource at all times. Stone and metal should be saved till the later stages of the game as these are the resources that provide the highest protection.

Differences between Battle Royale and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

If you are transitioning to Fortnite: Battle Royale from Pubg  here are some important things you need to know:


      1. In Fortnite movement is a lot noisier so keeping that in mind it should be very easy for you to detect other players. Makes sure you restrict your movement and only run around when you know the coast is clear. If you think an enemy might be close to you just crouch and listen for any signs of movement.

       2. Crouching in Fortnite is a thing but you cannot hug the grass like in Pubg and snake away from an engagement. Crouching greatly improves your aim and reduces your profile but it does not make you invisible.

       3. Another major difference is that in Fortnite bullets leave a trace which quickly allows your enemy to spot the direction you are shooting from. Obviously it works both way and that means that with a bit of luck and good positioning you might be able to turn the tables on an enemy or at least make sure you are not escaping them by running towards them (yes, that happened to me).

         4. At the moment , vehicles cannot be used in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Meaning that driving vehicles has not yet been introduced to the game. They can, however, be used as cover or harvested for metal.

         5. In Fortnite, you can spend more time outside the play area as the timers make for a more generous window of opportunity, this is why a lot of players spend most of the game looting and shooting enemy players in “the blue zone”.

         6. Weapons in Fortnite have no attachments which makes for a simpler and faster game. But you should be aware of the fact that Fortnite has introduced Tiered weapons which translate into upgraded versions of one weapon.

Starting locations

Most people go by the firm belief that if you parachute into a heavily populated area you will get a lot of loot and while that may be the case you also dramatically increase your chances of being caught in the crossfire of other players battling it out or just getting shot in the face while you’re holding on to your trusty old pickaxe.


Some players glide into less populated areas and then slowly move around looting cabins and ambushing stragglers. There is a lot more walking involved but this way you might actually get  a chance to carry out your plan/strategy.

No matter where you land always stay alert and keep an ear out for the humming noise generated by Special Loot Chests and there you go, you got nice loot.

FortniteBattleRoyaleChest final

What is very important to keep in mind is the fact that the rarity of the loot found in these chests  is in no way affected by their location. You can find a chest in the middle of the forest or in a building in the middle of a packed location, no difference.

Weapon Rarities

Weapons in Fortnite: Battle Royale are ranked by tiers

There are five different tiers  in total:

 Gray – Common

 Green – Uncommon

 Blue – Rare

 Purple – Epic

 Orange – Legendary

As in most games, the better the tier the harder it is for you to find it. When you find it, make it count!

Some advice on what to look for and what to keep:

1. Any scoped weapon is a tremendous advantage in Fortnite: Battle Royale because it makes it possible for you to engage from a distance and avoid getting shotgunned. Most fights in this game are medium to long range so having a scoped weapon is huge.


2. Always loot ammo, you will hate having the perfect opportunity to snipe someone only to realize you ran out of bullets.

3.whenever you stumble upon a weapon that is of a higher tier than the one you are currently carrying swap it out and you can consider  it and instant upgrade.

How to recover health

In Fortnite: Battle Royale it is possible to prevent taking damage or to recover health by using 4 different items (at the time this guide is written):

    Shield Potions: This is probably the most valuable “First Aid” item in the game. Consuming one of these potions adds 50 Shield points to your health bar. To be clear this does not reduce incoming damage it basically extends your health bar.

    Bandage: Bandages are found in stacks of 5 and restore 15 points of health each. Use them whenever you can as it is extremely important for you to to keep your health bar as high as you can at all times.

    Medkit: They restore 100 points of health at a time. Can carry a maximum of 3. No further explanation necessary.

Slurp Juice: Restores 1 Shield point and 1 Health point per second for 25 seconds


Final tips

1. Open doors= trouble

When you see open doors  this is what the situation can be: house has been looted and the enemy has moved on.  Enemy is in the house looting or waiting for you to come in. House is booby trapped.

If you do decide to go in, crouch, make as little noise as possible, when moving from room to room always and ALWAYS ( are you listening to me?) check corners! Always close doors behind you and if you are playing Duo or Squad have someone watch your back.

2. Crouch whenever possible

Unless there is a pressing need for you to run, always crouch! You are a smaller target and you make less noise.

3. Upgrading weapons into higher rarity versions

Every time you get the chance swap your weapon for a higher tier one of the same type. The higher tier a weapon is, the more damage it does and it has less recoil.

4.Traps can provide very easy kills

Use traps in houses, especially near the entrance or back doors. You get easy instant kills or they get knocked down and all you need to do is put them out of their misery.

5. Choose your fights extremely carefully

Never start a fight unless you know you can kill them quickly. Don’t shoot from very far away even if they are shooting at you. Save your ammo and focus on getting a better position.  Chances are if they are shooting at you they are giving up their positions to other players/teams in their vicinity. Sometimes a problem becomes someone else’s problem.

6. Stick together when you’re playing with your friends

If you are in a squad with friends, make sure you stick together at all times. DO NOT engage in solo fights. If you get knocked down in a fight an ally can only heal you back up if they are close. Also, a squad can clear a house faster than a solo player can.

7. If you can play using headphones, DO IT!.

You hear shots fired and have an idea of the general direction. You can hear enemy players, know where they are coming from and you can ambush them. You can hear Chests and get better loot. You need headphones.

8. Use Shield Potions instantly

You never know when shit will get real and you always need any advantage you can get. If you find a shield potion, use ASAP, that Shield might make the difference in a 1 vs 1 situation.

9. Stay calm and take your time

In Fortnite: battle Royale it does not really matter how many players you take out, what matters is that you kill the last guy at the end and get the victory. You need to focus on surviving and letting the others fight amongst themselves as much as possible.

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