The crew of Car 107

Because all people who have a positive effect on the world should be celebrated we start our “Awesome people” articles by writing about the crew of Car 107 in the Gazelles and men Rally in Morocco.

What is The Gazelles Rally?

The rally is an off-road adventure in which contestants must make their way from one way-point to another in the desert of Morocco without the use of GPS and other modern navigation tools. The only things allowed on board of each car are a map and a compass.

The original race, started in 1990, used to be called Rally of Gazelles and it could only be entered by all-female crews. Hugely popular, the event would bring together every year women aged between 18-65 from 30 different countries.

A mandatory attribute for anyone attending is determination, nothing else matters. The women attending came from all walks of life, they were of different nationalities and some even had little to no previous racing experience. They would enter the race in 4x4s, Crossovers, Quads, trucks or motorbikes, what happened every year was a unique competition.

The Gazelles and Men Rally

2017 is the first year in which men are admitted as part of the crews, this edition actually being called Gazelles and Men rally. The race takes place between 4-11 November in Morocco.

Car 107

The Crew of Car 107 is made up of Laura Vasilescu and Silviu Draghici. Proudly waving the flags of France and Romania, this is our favorite crew, the best crew, the crew we will be stalking for updates every time they safely arrive at check points during their adventure.


Laura Vasilescu

Adventurous and determined, I have been interested in Rally Gazelles for a few years. My desire to participate in this wonderful experience was born the day I attended a departure in front of the Trocadero in Paris. The new formula of the rally, which allows men to participate in the adventure, is an opportunity for me to realize my dream with my spouse, Silviu, who shares my passion for travel and cars.

Currently in the final year of Master of Health Economics at Paris Dauphine University, I would like to work later in the field of Market Access within a laboratory or a company developing medical devices.   – Laura


Silviu Draghici

Curious and a tinkerer by nature, I am passionate about cars and sporting events. I am very excited to be embarking on this brand new experience for me that combines adventure and support. The challenge of using only a map and a compass to locate in the Moroccan desert attracts me particularly.

I live and work in Strasbourg for 6 years where I exercise the profession of Doctor of Medicine. I met Laura 4 years ago and since then we have had the opportunity to travel a lot and discover fabulous places with very enriching landscapes and cultures. – Silviu

A long time fan of the race, Laura saw an opportunity to cross something off her bucket list when the race organizers announced that men were going to be allowed as part of the crews. It didn’t take long for Silviu to be on board and because they are both incredibly determined and persistent, despite having extremely busy lives, it all fell into place.


This beast of a car was purchased(Land Rover Defender TD4 110), weekends were spent on the garage floor swapping car parts, adding parts and equipment, the car was then driven to Romania and back to France for visits to different specialists. Evenings turned into fundraising events or browsing the internet for additional equipment  necessary during the rally.


It was a real privilege being kept up to date with their weekly progress , seeing how much of an effort entering a race such as this one involves. It can only be passion.

(Oh, and in case you missed it )


Crew 107 Supports The Cheer Up! association and promotes it during the rally!


☤  young people who accompany other young people affected by cancer in the implementation of projects that they hold to heart

☤ in adult oncology services where the average age is 65, young patients often feel isolated.

☤ every week, volunteers from the association go to hospitals to support cancer patients.

☤ The Cheer up! association is present in 20 schools and universities in France.

☤ volunteers are involved in more than 30 hospitals, provide home or even remote assistance to young patients in remission

☤ because fighting for his project is fighting cancer!

To support them & for more information you can go here

Laura and Silviu are currently on the move to the start line with the race starting on November 4th. All parties willing to wish them luck on their adventure can keep up with them right here on their Facebook Page. Let’s help them out with some nice reviews and nice messages!












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