World Of Warcraft Classic is coming!

OMG! OMG! OMG! BlizzCon absolutely blew my mind! I am super excited so this article might not make too much sense, here goes:

There was once time when World Of Warcraft was a thing and when it launched, for many of us, nothing else mattered for like two years! This was the first and only MMO that actually got my attention, most of my friends played it, it was Epic. After a while we got The Burning Crusade and that was a pretty good expansion, we all loved it. And then…it kinda turned to shit. A lot of people tried to hang in there, but the magic was gone.

Private servers tried to rekindle the magic but got shut down one by one after constant pressure by Blizzard. Petitions were signed by hundreds of thousands of people to bring back World Of Warcraft Vanilla, to take us back to the beginning….and at BlizzCon this happened:

World Of Warcraft Classic is a thing and it is coming!!!!!

On a separate note here is the trailer for the new and hopefully last expansion World Of Warcraft is going to get:

So excited, so happy to be a nerd! OMG! OMG!



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