The Punisher/Netflix/November17th

If you are a Comic Book fan and are looking for something to binge on Netflix it is time to rejoice and start to count down to November 17th.

The Punisher is coming to Netflix  with his very own Tv Show which we hope will finally do this underrated character justice. After a few Movie adaptations that were more or less successful, maybe a Tv Show under the Netflix umbrella will finally get the job done.

Frank Castle aka The Punisher is my favorite psychopath and I could not be happier with the casting choice. Jon Bernthal’s eyes alone give off enough inhuman intensity and uncontrolled rage so that  his voice, the physique and his overall look come as really welcome bonuses.


Jon Bernthal in David Ayer’s Fury

Jon’s final appearances in The Walking Dead as the hated Shane were incredibly powerful and they made the fans actually be sorry to see him gone. It was  that performance that made  Jon Bernthal  show up on the radar of whoever was in charge of casting for Darevdevil’s second season. They immediately went with him and it resulted in a Daredevil season in which the star was Frank Castle. Just take a look here:

Bernthal’s portrayal of The Punisher was so well received by audiences that Netflix announced a spin-off immediately in which he will have the main role. Fans couldn’t be happier.

Frank is not a superhero, has no supernatural abilities, is not really tech savvy, he is just driven by vengeance , hate, ammunition and whiskey.

Check out the trailer for the series that will air on Netflix on November 17th:

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