LoL gets Voice Chat for premade parties

Did you ever dream of being able to scream your lungs out when a League Of Legends game went bad (of course not because of you, it was that fucking jungler and those feeders on bot lane, you’re great)? Ever ask for a way of communicating via voice so that it would improve the way players act as a team?(I know you just want to flame everybody)…

Well it looks like we’re getting just that, kind of. Pretty much we’re getting half of that.

LOL_CMS_156_Article_01_59jyd3qd1xw3vdgh27mj.0 (1)

Riot Soundwave had this to say on the matter:

To answer a question that’s probably on your mind: We are currently not planning on expanding League Voice to team members outside of your premade party. Playing with friends usually makes for a safer environment than playing with strangers, and until we have better tools to help address abusive scenarios with strangers, we will not be implementing it outside of premades. We trust that between the social implications of being a jerk to your friends, being able to kick people from your party, and the capability of muting individual members, players will be equipped to deal with their ill-behaved party members.

So we will be getting integrated voice chat, BUT it will only be available to you and your friends, the people in your premade group. RIOT know that they are responsible for one of the most toxic communities in gaming and making voice chat available to random groups would absolutely subject some players to unbelievable abuse. It would be very difficult for them to manage and control what happens to whom so they chose to compromise. So here we are, one step closer to Dota.

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