The Witcher -Pilot first draft is out


What do you do when you finish a brilliant game such as The Witcher 3? You buy the expansions, Hearts of stone and Blood and wine. Once you beat the whole damned thing you try and fill the void in your soul by reading Andrezj Sapkowski’s books detailing Geralt’s exploits. Once you’re done with the game and the books all that is left is to become addicted to the message boards concerning the Netflix adaptation which was announced in May 2017.

While until today people have been arguing about who should step into Geralt’s shoes (Anson Mount in this writer’s opinion) we finally have some official news on the project and it comes straight from Head Writer Lauren S. Hissrich’s Twitter.


Attached to the photo was this message:

pilot is out for notes, and I’m out for the weekend to spend some time with my kids. See you bright and early on Monday!

So not only is it real, it has already begun. With a writer that has done work on Daredevil ,The Defenders (both really well received Netflix shows) and The West Wing and Mr. Sapkowski himself as a consultant on the project it is good to see that they are fast at work. A great start of the week for nerds everywhere!

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