PUBG Corp. makes the move to e-sports

The now infamous PUBG Corp. just released a statement announcing that the first ever official esports PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is going to take place in Berlin between 25-29 July of this year.


The tournament will have 20 professional teams battle it out for prizes totaling $2M. In order to qualify, teams will have to enroll and make it out of regional competitions which are set to take place in NA, EU and Asia. Details concerning the tournament details will follow in the coming weeks. The point of the tournament is to determine 2 teams as World Champions, one for FPP and one for TPP.

What remains to be seen is how Battlegrounds’ in-game camera system will perform for the audience.

Teams expected to attend are for now Cloud9, Team Liquid, Team Solomid and Luminosity Gaming.

Last minute change on Jetpacks!

The ever growing Fortnite community was waiting somewhat divided for the new update as a new item had been announced by the developers. The Jetpack!!!

https _blogs-images.forbes.com_davidthier_files_2018_02_DW_xOSBUMAAHW6G.jpg

While some love the idea, another part of the players are actually dreading it for fear that it will break the game or turn it into something it’s not. Well, rest easy, my friends on both sides of the barricade: due to some glitches, it looks like the Jetpack has been delayed and we will be getting another item: The Hunting Rifle!!!


LoL gets Voice Chat for premade parties

Did you ever dream of being able to scream your lungs out when a League Of Legends game went bad (of course not because of you, it was that fucking jungler and those feeders on bot lane, you’re great)? Ever ask for a way of communicating via voice so that it would improve the way players act as a team?(I know you just want to flame everybody)…

Well it looks like we’re getting just that, kind of. Pretty much we’re getting half of that.

LOL_CMS_156_Article_01_59jyd3qd1xw3vdgh27mj.0 (1)

Riot Soundwave had this to say on the matter:

To answer a question that’s probably on your mind: We are currently not planning on expanding League Voice to team members outside of your premade party. Playing with friends usually makes for a safer environment than playing with strangers, and until we have better tools to help address abusive scenarios with strangers, we will not be implementing it outside of premades. We trust that between the social implications of being a jerk to your friends, being able to kick people from your party, and the capability of muting individual members, players will be equipped to deal with their ill-behaved party members.

So we will be getting integrated voice chat, BUT it will only be available to you and your friends, the people in your premade group. RIOT know that they are responsible for one of the most toxic communities in gaming and making voice chat available to random groups would absolutely subject some players to unbelievable abuse. It would be very difficult for them to manage and control what happens to whom so they chose to compromise. So here we are, one step closer to Dota.

DrDisRespect is back!

Around the 14th of December 2017, about a week after receiving The Trending gamer award at the Video Games Awards in LA, Guy Beahm AKA DR. DisRespect AKA The Two Time AKA The Perfect Specimen was saying goodbye to his 1.4 million followers on Twitch claiming he needed to take a break and focus on his personal life. Guy (husband and father) said that he had been unfaithful and needed atone, save his family.


The Twitch community was in chaos for a few days, as the charismatic DrDisRespect was one of the most influential gamers/streamers of 2017, mostly because of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game that truly made The Doc shine.

It is with great sadness that we parted ways with The Perfect Specimen and while we were starting to get back to real life, this came out:

And here we are, the day has come, The Doc is back and he did not disappoint : 300.000 viewers +he broke Twitch:

Just like the time that human pile of garbage TylerOne came to LoL after being banned for acting like a total tool, Twitch couldn’t handle the amount of concurrent viewers.

It’s great to have Dr DisRespect back, after all….he is the best sniper in the game.

Battle Royale 50 vs 50 is here!

Epic Games has a certain way of maintaining fan loyalty, they keep delivering on a weekly basis and it looks like this week they’ve outdone themselves. Last night during The Game Awards  they announced a new game mode which we will all be able to enjoy until the 17th of December.

Battle Royale 50 vs 50 is already live and can be enjoyed for free by people all over the world.

50 vs 50 coming to Fortnite Battle Royale?

With just 7 hours before the official release there is a possibility that the mysterious new game mode coming to Fortnite Battle Royale has been leaked, or found….Fortnite communities on social media have been looking at this image:


and if this does not turn out to be some fabricated bullshit it looks like we might be looking at a 50vs50 mode in Battle Royale.

This could be true considering Epic has been keeping an eye on main rival Bluehole and their hit game Pubg. In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds players have been frequently organizing 50 vs 50 games, it’s quite popular.

While I am excited and would absolutely love this 50 vs 50 thing, I worry about team killers running amok. What are your thoughts on it if it turns out to be true?

Epic bans streamer for team killing

In the past 24 hours the Fortnite Battle Royale has been slightly divided on the issue of punishing players who kill their own team. This topic of discussion has been gaining more and more momentum since a popular streamer was just hit by the mighty Ban Hammer for killing his team while streaming.

The person I’m going to be ranting about goes by the name of Alexramigaming and to be fair, I must warn you, he wasn’t one of my favorite people to begin with.

First of all, let’s talk about streaming for a little bit. Streamers are gamers turned entertainers who create content via different streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube or Mixer. The tools available for most streamers are their skills when it comes to the games they usually play, their personality and the effort they are willing to invest in order to build a loyal following. The income of most streamers comes from donations from viewers, sponsorship deals in some cases and subscriptions. Other streamers have managed to build solid brands which they then use to sell merchandise for bigger brands through affiliate programs or in some VERY rare cases their own branded merchandise.

We are currently discussing Fortnite Battle Royale so it makes sense that we bring up some of the big streamers who are currently doing well when it comes to this game. We have LIRIK, Summit1G, Ninja, Tecnosh.


These are extremely skilled players, they are inspirational, funny, professional, their streams have very high production values. And then there’s this guy:


Alexramigaming had been recently sponsored by Epic, the developer behind Fortnite and Fortnite Battle Royale, has a lot of viewers and is in a position many aspiring streamers would kill to be in. Not everyone can get there, it takes a great deal of dedication to build up a stream, I’m not disputing his merits. However, since yesterday he gained a lot of publicity because of this stunt:

So as we can see above, completely unprovoked this asshole takes out his team just for the fun of it, quickly realizes that he might lose his sponsorship from Epic and tries to justify his actions to his viewers. What bothers me is that his viewers tell him that he does this all the time….Epic issued a ban on his account and now gamers are debating it on social media.

I chose to write about this because I’ve been killed by my own team just for laughs and giggles and it really screws with my game. If you play squads you have 96 enemies to kill, it doesn’t really help to have 3 more on your own team. The community and Epic need to act against these people in order to preserve the good vibes. The lack of punishment is what brought the downfall of other gaming communities. League of Legends for instance, is famous for having the most toxic player base out there exactly for this reason. Riot Games really dropped the ball when it comes to trolls, feeders, afk-ers in order to maintain player retention. Epic really needs to get ahead of that.

social media

Some people say that Epic was unfair for banning this douchebag, because he is a streamer, because people learn to play the game by watching his stream, because he brings in new players to the game and because he is a positive influence. Others feel sorry for him because he had invested upwards of 200 USD in skins for the game.I say Fuck that!

It is because he IS a streamer that he should be banned from Fortnite permanently. As his fans say, he is a streamer and has a lot of viewers. If he team kills and Epic let it slide, people will see it. Because he has a lot of viewers he is in a position of influence and that is incredibly important, people tend to imitate streamers and I for one don’t want idiots like him spawning all over the place. I don’t care that one of the players he killed is 11 years old, you just don’t fucking do it, period.There is a saying that goes like this:

People who play stupid games win stupid prizes.

What are your thoughts on this?